Master Bedroom

Look carefully, and you’ll see the original builders’ name stencilled on the floor of this room. The master bedroom sleeps two in a queen sized bed, and stows clothes in the chest of drawers or on hooks. Two windows out to the wrap-around porch give views to the lake. The breeze laps the water to shore beneath you as you rest.

Second Bedroom

This land-side room has a double bed in a cozy raised nook, the perfect place for an avid reader. The cottage library shelf located in this room features a collection of thrillers, mysteries, and romances. Located on the land side of the cottage, where cheepers lull you to sleep at night. (On the water side, the bullfrogs sing the loudest.)

Bunk-Bed Room

Sleeps two in bunk beds. You can see the lake from the top bunk, or lie in the lower one reading a volume from the cottage’s book collection.


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