Outdoors – Where It’s At!

Zoning bylaws in this municipality prohibit tree cutting or land clearing around new cottages, but this grandfathered treasure sits on an open lot that has a clear view up the length of the lake. (The interior of the lot is beautifully treed, but set back from the social shoreline area.)

A soft breeze comes down the water to cool you and help keep bugs at a minimum during the daytime. There are over 65 metres (215 feet) of shoreline, and a central clearing where you can play badminton or chase your friends with water-blasters. The dock makes a perfect spot from which to sunbathe, cast a fishing line, or sit in an Adirondack chair at the end of a hard day’s play.

The primary shoreline is rocky, with a graduated slope at one end where you can glide a canoe or rowboat into the lake. Picnic outside in the shade of the cedar, while the waves lap the shore beside you! After dark, light a campfire and sing the classics.


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