Lake Quality
Lake water quality is very high, and is tested every season by the cottager’s association. In the 37 years my family has owned the cottage, it has never been a health issue. Unlike other nearby lakes that are stagnant, Little Silver Lake flows into the Tay River watershed, which helps keep it clear.

Drinking Water
The water system intakes from the lake. The cottage is built on bedrock. Since a 15 litre jug of potable water costs nothing to fill at home (or $1.89 at a commercial station) and is easy to operate with the hand pump provided, it is economically contraindicated to drill a well. The lake water is fine for dishes, cooking, showers — and of course, swimming.

A septic tank and weeping field were installed in 2007. There is a small reservoir tank where the effluent from the cottage is collected, then pumped up the hill into the septic tank when there is sufficient volume. This system was installed under supervision and inspection of the Tay Valley Township authorities and is fully legal and approved. This septic tank was pumped out to a truck last summer, as is recommended on a three-year cycle (depending on use). There is a grandfathered, functional outhouse on the property as well.

Lot Size
The cottage lot is about 0.62 acres, measuring 150 feet by 180 feet, with an irregular 215 foot shoreline, some of which the cottage itself occupies, as it is built over the water.

The shoreline is rocky and has an irregular surface. There is an area with a shallow rocky shelf where boats are set-in and hauled up from the water. Elsewhere, the rocky shore immediately gives way to deep water.

The roofing was replaced last summer (2012) with 30-year shingles. An old woodstove chimney was removed and two attic vents installed. There are four skylights built into the cathedral ceiling, above the two lofts.

The cottage is located on Little Silver Lake, about 4.5 miles (~7 kms) south of the Highway 7 / Maberly intersection. It is about 15 minutes west of the town of Perth, or 15 minutes north of the village of Westport. For security reasons, specific address information is only provided upon personal contact.

Road Maintenance Fees (None)
Because the entrance laneway gives directly onto the county road, there are no road maintenance fees. County Road 36 is maintained year-round by the municipality.

The cottage is partly winterized (insulation in the ceiling and walls of the bedrooms, but not the roof).  Supplemental heat is provided by baseboard heaters and the field-stone fireplace. However, this property is only a three-season property.

Cottage wiring was upgraded during major renovations in 1999 and brought up to code with circuit breakers rather than fuses.

The cottage features a newer full-sized gas range with oven, a microwave, a toaster oven, and a propane BBQ. There is an older refrigerator that chills well but isn’t pretty.

All kitchen utensils, dishware, and cooking implements necessary for meal preparation are on hand. There are at least two sets of linens for every bed, as well as an assortment of bath and beach towels. There is also an assortment of life jackets (adult and children’s), and a rowboat.

Monthly tax payments for 2012 were $120.74


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